Women Love Money – Why It’s A Good Thing

This article is not about discussing whether or not women are attracted to men with money. It’s about understanding why it’s a good thing. Women are all attracted to money to a certain extend. Some women are very venal, while other women are less venal. But money is something that interests them, whether they admit it or not. And it’s a great thing. Here is why:

Usually, men who have managed to earn a lot of money are high achieving men.

They are men who had the will to do what it takes in order to achieve great results.

They are hard worker, they are smart, they are creative.

They are not some losers who just sit and wait.

They take action.

They take risks.

They dedicate their time and their energy to create something great for themselves (and usually also for others).

And thanks to this, they receive some value, in the form of money.

They become rich and women are attracted to them.

And that’s great, because…

These men are the kind of men who deserve the attention of women.

Meanwhile, all the other guys who spend their time doing nothing (besides just sitting in front of the TV or playing video games) don’t achieve anything. They don’t work as hard as their counterparts they depict as bad, rich, dishonest, superficial men. And thus they don’t get the same results.

They don’t earn as much money and don’t attract as much attention from women.

There is justice in the fact that women are attracted to money.

It makes them attracted to the men who deserve it. That is to say to the men who work hard and who can take action in a smart and creative way.

And not to the men doing nothing with their life.

In fact, it’s not only financial wealth that makes women attracted to those high achieving men:

It’s also their mindset (probably more than money). They radiate a powerful energy that make women attracted to them. It’s this energy and this mindset that bring money and women into their life.

Women love money, and that’s a good thing. It encourages men take action and to get some results. It encourages them to acquire a powerful mindset, which allows them to achieve great things and to become rich.