Power of the internet in sexuality

The sexual behavior of young people is more conditioned by pornography. People between 18 and 32 years of age grew up with the Internet. For them, online pornography is not a taboo, which is reflected in their sexuality. But free access to pornographic content from the Internet is beginning to change the habits of young people.

Images imposed from the adult entertainment industry shape the most intimate fantasies of users and generate ideals difficult to achieve in real life. All these issues are beginning to be addressed from different cultures and social disciplines. The young people are beginning to see porn not as a mere threat to morals but as an unknown for the future of sexuality.

Precisely, the trivialization of the consumption of Internet pornography among the youngest has also transformed their sexuality, according to a study carried out in UK last year. The results revealed that the sexual behavior of young people is increasingly influenced by the codes of pornography, such as Live webcam girls, facial ejaculation, fellatio or sodomy, trivialized in the last 20 years. The study also showed “the development of purely virtual sexual exchanges, through platforms that offer young people who do not always have their own space, the possibility of having games of seduction.

  • In fact, the use of new technologies does not exclusively operate as a substitute for a real sex life, since a growing number of young people use the web to establish contacts, loving or Russian escort. According to the study, at age 15, half of the young people already saw something pornographic and more than two thirds of the boys, between 15 and 24 years old (69%) surf in pornographic sites. In addition, more than a third of those under 25 (38%) surf online dating sites, and the proportion outpaces 50% among men or girls over 20 years.