Attempting To Reconnect Together With Your Ex Girlfriend Or Boyfriend

While trying to reconnect with your ex lover, you should be sure to recognize that both of you are fully capable of making mistakes. The worst part is that what the two of you perceive as what you need from each other can be unrealistic.

In all reality, you and your ex are separated because both of you made mistakes. Although it may be difficult to believe, the two of you are actually far from perfection. It is very important that you realize this when trying to reconnect with your ex lover.

Obviously it is pretty simple to point out someone elses mistakes or shortcomings. On the other hand, it isn’t so easy to own up to your own imperfections. You need to take a close look at what you might have done to help in the deterioration of the relationship. In other words you have to admit to yourself and your ex what your part in the break up was.

They were your mistakes and you own them no matter what. Don’t try to hide or cover them up. Don’t make excuses or pretend that they never happened. They are yours and you have to face up to it if you are going to have a chance at reconnecting with your ex lover.

Finger pointing more than likely had a lot to do with your break up right from the get go. Passing the blame definitely will not help you get your ex back. You’re only human and whether you like it or not, stuff happens, so embrace it and move on.

Perhaps the hardest pill to swallow is the fact that your ex lover doesn’t want to be with you anymore. Obviously, there will be no getting back together if you don’t turn this around. So what you have to do is make him or her realize how special they are to you. Let them understand that you want to rekindle a long term relationship with them in your life. If you don’t believe it, your ex won’t either.

If you continuously run him or her down for the mistakes they made in the past, they’re not going to feel special and your not going to get your ex lover back. Those errors that you are hanging over their head happened in the past. If you really love him or her, it doesn’t matter how bad it was. We’re only human, so get over it and move on. Let them know that you want them back regardless of what happened in the past.