Understanding Women Without Going Crazy

Understanding women is challenging. If you think you can completely understand what a woman is thinking or feeling, you could be mistaken. It’s hard to read a woman even if she is sending you signals.
Women feel differently from what they actually say or do. For some reason, the female specie found it necessary to complicate things by telling a guy something that they don’t necessarily want. Sounds familiar? It should.
I guess whoever said “men are from Mars and women are from Venus? is right. Women do think differently than men.
To prove this point, think about the last time you went out with your girlfriend or a random date and you asked her which restaurant she preferred and she said “anything.? Then you take her to a Japanese restaurant and then she goes on and on about how much she dislikes Japanese food. Or worse, when you learn from others that she thinks the date sucks because you took her to a place she didn’t like.
Go back to the time when you had a fight and she told you she doesn’t want to speak to you, and then after a few days, she calls, extremely upset at you because you didn’t even bother to call her.
And no matter how hard you tried to explain that you just did what she asked you to do, you will still end up as the one to blame.
Crazy, right? If this doesn’t make you go bananas, I don’t know what will.
Now listen up people. To be a real ladies’ man, you have to have the discernment of a real man. That means you must know how to read her mind, body language, and everything that comes out of her (signals, I mean).
You can find a lot of tips on getting girls but without some wits, you could be like grasping at straws.
The secret, and a lot of successful guys in dating know this, is to understanding women in a deeper level. You have to know how to read her. Know what exactly she is feeling; what she wants and desires.
You don’t have to join a coven to develop telepathy. You just have to understand women.
Again, the question is “how do you do it?
Tip # 1 Girls mean more than what they are saying
When asked what she wants in a guy, a woman would oftentimes say “I want a sensitive guy,? or “I want a good listener/communicator.?
The normal reaction of a guy is to try to be exactly like those things. But here is where things get a little interesting. She definitely wants more than sensitivity and good interpersonal communication skills.
They are looking for something more than what she has just said. She wants a man who is considerate, has a stable career, spontaneous and funny, witty, knows how to handle himself, loyal…and sensitive to her feelings.
There’s always more to what she’s saying.
You think you already know, when the truth of the matter is, you have no idea at all.
What you think she means when she says something is not entirely what she meant. Get it?
So what you should do is stop being presumptuous. If she says she wants a sensitive man, don’t start asking her if she feels great or if she’s annoyed at something. Quit being overly concerned about her feelings.
You’re not entirely getting it.
Tip #2 She already has a set of qualities a man should have in mind
Most of the times, a woman’s “ideal? man is just that—ideal. Why? Because women make lists of the qualities they look for in a man, qualities that very few men possess. Let’s face it, no one could be that perfect.
If she says her ideal man is someone who is sensitive and smart, she’s actually looking for someone who is really sensitive and smart, as well as confident, stable, friendly, assertive, and funny.
They want the whole package; not one or two of the qualities mentioned. She is most likely to not settle for someone who’s just funny and friendly. He has to be all these things. Why? It’s the picture of the ideal man she painted in her mind.
Tip # 3 Women don’t like training men
Taking off from the previous item, women, having the image of the “ideal man? in their head, will not settle for someone who is incomplete. She doesn’t want a prototype; she needs the finished product.
What does this mean? Women are not keen on training men to possess all the qualities she is looking for. He simply needs to be all she wants. It’s all or nothing. A man who is just funny and sensitive won’t cut it. Women don’t like to train their men to become more confident and assertive—and smart.
Tip # 4 Know their language
Just like aliens have their own language entirely different from the human race, the words that come out of women’s mouth may sound familiar to our ears, but they mean entirely different.
Here are some of the most common things they say that men always mistake for something else:
“Five minutes!? – when picking up a girl for your date and she says she’ll be ready in 5 minutes, better grab a newspaper, or an encyclopedia, because it will take a long time.
“Fine? – we say fine when we agree on something or someone. For women, however, it’s like swearing. If she asks you how she looks and you tell her “you look fine,? be prepared for her wrath.
“Thanks a lot? – don’t smile and feel great if she says this to you because she’s not thanking you for doing her a favor. This means she’s pissed.
“Oh? – anything she says that starts with “oh? could mean impending trouble. She could have caught you telling a lie or found out something bad you’ve done.
Understanding women is like a painting. You have to be very passionate about it. It’s hard to do at first but once you’ve made that last stroke of brush, you will marvel at how beautiful your painting turned out to be.