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How does a guy hint to a girl that he likes her?

You can find out pretty quickly that a guy likes a girl based on the questions that he asks. Things like, “are you interested in any guys at the moment?” If a guys asks you these kinds of questions it’s a pretty sure sign that he is indeed interested in you.

Do guys prefer curly or straight hair?

This question is something that bears more importance than you may realise. Girls: like it or not, guys like change. For example, you could wear your hair curly one month, then straight the next, then curly again the month after that and so on. So basically, if you change your hair style on a regular basis, he’s pretty much always going to like you.

What do guys prefer: tom boys or girly girls?

Most guys generally prefer their girl to be somewhere in the middle. They don’t like girls who are constantly freaking out about their appearance “oh my God I broke a nail” Please, give it a rest already! when it comes to tom boys, guys don’t like girls who can bash them up, so somewhere in the middle is ideal.

Do guys like girls that flirt?

Of course they do! So long as it’s with them, but they are not real happy when they flirt with other guys. So if you have your eyes on a particular guy and think he could be boyfriend material, try not to come across as overtly flirtatious in the beginning it could send him the wrong signals. To be honest, guys prefer not to date a social butterfly.

What do guys really look for in a girl?

Guys typically look for girls who can easily express their feelings towards them. Guys usually look for girls who display passion towards them, that really is usually what they look for in a girl.

How can girls stand out without looking silly?

Texting a lot can be a turn-off. On the other hand, it’s kind of harder to look silly texting than in person. There is less emotional drain on a guy if he can sometimes communicate via texting rather than having long-winded discussions.

How can I make him like me even more?

This one’s pretty easy. Guys love to eat, they love food. If you take him out to dinner or cook him a fantastic meal he’s going to love you. Usually a great restaurant that serves his favourite dish is a sure bet.

Wearing too much make up

The thing is that, with wearing too much make up, if you go over the top with this, it sends him a signal that you’re out to impress other guys and that you’re not content with your guy. Girls should know that their guy loves you for you, no matter what you’re wearing and they’ll probably find you more attractive without the make up.

What do guys really think about your body?

It really comes down to personal preference. Some guys like heavy girls some like skinny girls, it all comes down to personal preference. If he’s attracted to you in the first instant based on your size and shape, then that’s what he prefers.

What personality type does a guy find attractive?

Guys love outgoing girls, girls who mess around with them and wrestle and play fight. They love letting their girl win and giving into them physically.

Does he really like you or is he just playing games?

If a guy keeps sending you text messages with strange questions and you reply with more questions or answers that they really don’t like, then they pretty much stop communicating with you, then that’s a sure sign that they’ve lost interest in you. It kind of tells the guy that you’re not likely to give him what he wants.

What are some major turn-offs?