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Bars can be great places to meet women. They tend to be relaxed settings with people that for the most part are enjoying the company of others. There are also a significant number of single women that go to bars either with their married friends, their girl friends or alone. Approaching a woman in such a setting is therefore relatively easy as long as you spot the right time to make your move. The first thing that you would want to do is to check her out. Check out her ring finger, is there anything on it ? It goes without saying that this should be done discreetly. How about her male companions, are they just friends or is there a boyfriend or husband among them? You can easily tell a boyfriend or husband even if she is with a group of men. Just observe and it will become quite clear in the way she interacts with men whether she is emotionally involved with any. In all of this “checking out” you need to make sure that you don’t come across as a stalker. There is a fine line between checking her out and stalking her and as mentioned above, being discreet is key.
Unfortunately some women don’t know how much alcohol is too much and many of them become overly drunk. The decent thing to do in this situation is to avoid these completely inebriated women as they are not likely to remember you in the morning, and more importantly, they are not in the best frame of mind to make any important decisions. It’s easy pickings, but its also exploiting their weakness – not very manly.
If you’ve found a potential date at the bar that is alone, you should approach, sit by her and order a drink. If there is a song playing then you could start some light conversation with her by asking if she knows the name of the song. If she responds, then smile and thank her. This is the best time to introduce yourself and then get the conversation going by asking her some questions. Once you’ve found something you have in common, this would be the best thing to talk about initially.
It is more common however for you to find girls in a group at the bar. If you see a girl you like, you need to approach the group, introduce yourself and ask if you could join them. In all of this you need to show interest by smiling and showing your interest in the girl you like. Make sure you get to know the group before you focus on her though. Once you’ve got to know the group, you can then ask her questions and tell her more about yourself. The group will be more accepting of this then if you tried to initially single out the girl.
Remember when you are approaching women, confidence is key. You need to make sure you are well groomed and smartly dressed, which is likely to draw attention to you. Don’t be so drunk that you slobber all over your potential date and remember if she isn’t interested, there are plenty more fish in the sea. Anything’s Possible Scott Learn To Approach
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