Approaching Women In The Day If you want to approach women in the day, department stores are a fantastic place to start

Department stores are normally filled with people on the weekends and luckily for you most are women, because frankly, women love to shop. I find that approaching women in a department store is one of the simplest approaches you can make during the day, because the women give you all the material you need to start a conversation with them.
I remember when I was first starting out I used to think it was impossible to approach women in the day let alone start approaching women in a department store. The more I really had a look at what was going on in department stores the clearer it became that this is a totally untapped market, there are women everywhere and best of all unlike bars and night clubs there is very little competition at all.
So I spent a lot of time there and I had some great success. I will give ya a few different ways to open conversations shortly.
No matter your age before you start approaching women in any department store, just like in any situation you need to see what’s going on, what is she doing, what is she buying? When you see a women shopping not everything can be as it seems for example, if you see a girl checking out male after-shave chances are she is not buying that for herself, but if she is testing out 4 or 5 different aftershaves chances are she is not buying it for a boyfriend or husband as she would know what he wears.
Now like I always say this is not a fool proof method but more times than not I am right.
So how do you open a conversation with a beautiful girl in a department store? Simple I will give you two different openers that I have used. Before I do I would like to tell you a funny store, it’s more of a not what to do when you are approaching women. Ok, so I was out today shopping for a new suit for a party I am going to, out of the corner of my eye I saw this beautiful red head girl, with her hands full of shopping bags.
As she was walking through the store another guy noticed her as well, now it was obvious this guy had nothing to say, so he deliberately bumped into her then said “I can help you carry some of those as an apology for bumping such a cute girl.” She looked him up and down, and there was this silence so he said “Would you like some help with those? I don’t mind having someone as pretty as you make me walk around with these” now I was intrigued she again looked him up and down then walked away shaking her head.
In one way i was very impressed as it was great he at least tried to do something, poor guy he just went about it the wrong way. So lets keep you out of that trap:
The Aftershave Opener:
This is a very basic, very old opener but if you need something as a default this is always a good one to start with: Quiet simply if you are in a store that sells after-shave they will have those little cards they spray a sample onto. Simply get two different cards with different after-shaves on to them. When you see a women you would like to approach simply say to her “I need some help, give me a woman’s point of view which one smells better?” She will tell you or she will give you a recommendation then take the conversation where you want it to go. Yes it is that simple.
The buying a friend a gift:
I always thought that the best place to meet women in a department store is in the women’s clothing section, makes sense right? A great opener that I used here was when you see a girl you would like to talk to go up and say “Hey, I am buying a present for my cousin (its not important who it’s for as long as it is for a female) and I am not sure of her size, if I buy something to big she will think I think she is fat, if I buy something that’s to small she might get an eating complex what should I do” She will then say “Blah Blah Blah” now you have the conversation open again take it where you want it to go. Quick tip say the part about eating complex with a big smile on ya face.
Now these are just starters, something to open the conversation with when you start approaching women in a department store. These will get the conversation open, the most important part is to be able to keep the conversation going and dont try and impress her.
So there you have it some simple openers that you can use when you are approaching women in department stores, play around with them a little if you like and make them your own. Most importantly go out there this weekend and try them out for yourself, i love when you guys email me with your success stories!
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