Approaching Women In The Work Place Recently I have been getting several emails regarding approaching women  in the work place, and what my thoughts are

When it comes to approaching women in the work place I would strongly suggest that you don’t. Personally I think that the whole inter office relationship has trouble written all over it, may be its this reason most work places frown on the idea, some even put a clause in your employment contract that it is not allowed. Let me explain why I think approaching women in the office is a bad idea.
First of all with all the sexual harassment laws you can get yourself into big trouble if you are not careful, you may even lose your job as a result of this. Personally, I don’t believe any woman is worth losing your job and main source of income over.
You spend more time in the work place than you do with your family and friends, if you start hitting on all the girls you work with, you will very quickly be known as the office sleaze and ever girl with in the company will know about it, effecting your job performance and when it comes to promotion time don’t think management won’t know as well.
If your work place has lots of women working in it instead of trying to hit on all of them, just make a no approaching women in the work place rule with yourself. Think about it like this let’s say you have 10 single women in your work place, each of these girls has 3 single friends that’s now 30 women you can have the chance of meeting.  If you are the cool guy at work who does not hit on all the girls at work, they will tell their friends “Hey there is this really cool guy at work you should meet” In fact by the time they introduce you to their friends and they will, all the hard work is done for you. Use the girls in your work place as your wing girls.
Remember when picking up women the girls in your work place can not only be great friends to have they can also be great teachers for you in the way women think.  Use their knowledge to your advantage, ask them about clothes or fashion if you have no idea, you can even ask one of them to help you when you are shopping for clothes, most women love to shop and because you’re the cool guy from work they will have no problem in helping you shop.
If you want to have more success approaching women having the girls you work with on your side is a huge advantage and defiantly dont use pick up lines.
Anythings Possible