He’s Not Attracted to You – You Need to Move On

What happens when you start to realize that a guy you are into and who was interested in you suddenly starts to make it pretty obvious that he’s not feeling that way anymore? Are you quick to move on or do you linger in despair, hoping that he will start to turn your way and that things will work kazakhstan sex girls
out the way that you want them to? How you react to a situation like this will have a lot to say about how well you are going to do when it comes to dating and relationships.

Sometimes, you get to a point where you have to be able to admit that he’s not attracted to you, and it’s time to move on. Too many women will get hung up on that one guy that they have a hard crush on, and yet, nothing is ever really going to come of it. Along the way, while you are crushing on that guy who could care less, you just might be missing out on the guy who would want to be with you.

In case you need some signs that he’s not attracted to you and you need to move on, here are a few:

  1. He purposely finds ways to avoid coming into contact with you.
    Now, if he’s doing this, it should be pretty clear what’s going on and where you really stand in his eyes. Your mind might want to trick yourself and lead you to believe that he’s being shy or it’s just a coincidence that it looks like he’s trying to avoid you, but you have to be real with yourself about this one. If he makes obvious gestures to get away from running into you… you might have to admit that he’s not attracted to you.
  2. He’s got another woman and he’s not leaving her.
    You know, even to this day this situation surprises me. It surprises me because it is so common. Many women will fall for a guy who’s already got a woman in his life and he’s not going to leave her, and yet… they still try to find a way to win him over. If he’s got his own situation going on, and it’s clear that he is going to stay with his woman, that should be your cue to move on.
  3. He’s already tried to let you down ‘easy’ and it has not worked.
    Not every guy is a cold hearted jerk and if he is not attracted to you and he knows you like him, he may have already tried to let you down easy. He may not have wanted to be harsh or to hurt your feelings, so why not take him for his word and find someone else?