How to Approach a Woman With Her Friends – Is It a No Go?

I’ve seen a lot of top 10 style lists about when you should not approach women, and while sometimes they tend to be on point, a lot of the time they make blanket assumptions that really are not as «right» as they make them out to be. One really common assumption is that you should never approach a woman when she is with her friends. Well, if you have not already noticed this, most of the time when a woman goes out… she is with at least one friend. Seriously, try to find a woman standing completely by herself in a bar or a club. Usually, she has at least one friend with her.

So, is it a «no go» when a woman is with her friends?

Most of the time, the answer is no. It’s not a no go. If you approach a woman the right way when she is with her friends, it can actually do a lot for you. Honestly, if you were to abide by a rule like, you can’t approach a woman when she is with her friends, you would probably get very few opportunities at all to meet women. Like I said, when you are at a club, a bar, or even a park, women tend to be with at least one of their friends.

How should you approach a woman when she is with her friends?

First off, never approach her like it is a «pick up.» Do that, and her friends will block you hard enough to make a NFL offensive line blush, lol. Approach her and her friends with an open and friendliness approach that makes you seem like you just want to have some fun and get to know some people. And actually have that attitude, because you never know when you might have a good time with a woman and her friends.

Make it a point to give attention to everyone in her group. Whether she is with one person or a multitude of friends, give some attention to everyone. If you only give attention to the woman you want to get to know, you are going to alienate the rest of the group and that is when they tend to go into «block» mode. Actually all they have to do is migrate to another spot and she will follow them, because they are her friends after all.

The great thing about approaching a woman with her friends is, if they like you… your chances of getting her number or a date shoot through the roof. Hey, I have had situations where the friends wound up doing most of the «gaming» for me just because they thought I was a cool guy and they had fun hanging out with me. That goes over really well, and gives her the impression that you will make things fun, because her friends will be able to tag along if they want to.

Are there any times when you should not approach a woman with her friends?

Sure. If they have a really serious vibe about them or it seems kind of obvious that they are in their own world, that might not be a time when you want to make an approach. That will kind of snap them out of their fun, and then you become the guy that ended their good time, which is not a good thing to be. Most of the time, though, as long as you approach her the right way and don’t make it look like an obvious pick up, approaching a woman when she is with her friends is actually very good for you.

Are you ready to discover how to approach women confidently and be the kind of guy women want to date?