50 ways to love your partner

1. First, love yourself.

2. Start the day hugging.

3. Breakfast in bed.

4. Tell them I love you every time you get separated.

5. Be spontaneous and sincere.

6. Recognize and celebrate your differences.

7. Live each day as if it were your last.

8. Send unexpected love letters.

9. Plant a seed together and take care of it until maturity.

10. Go out together once a week.

11. Send flowers for no reason.

12. Accept and tolerate their friends and family.

13. Write notes that say I love you and place them around the house.

14. Walk hand in hand.

15. Surprise each other.

16. Enjoy beautiful sunsets together.

17. Be sincere when apologizing.

18. Be respectful of their differences.

19. Remember the day you fell in love and repeat it.

20. Hold hands.

21. Tell them I love you with your eyes.

22. Cry and laugh together.

23. Express your understanding.

24 . Provide for his love.

25. Do something that excites.

26. Give advice.

27. Laugh at their jokes.

28. Appreciate their inner beauty.

29. Do their work for a day.

30. Encourage wonderful dreams.

31. Express public displays of affection.

32 . Have loving massages with no restrictions.

33. Write a journal of your love and record special moments.

34. Calm their fears.

35. Walk barefoot on the beach together.

36 . Tell them how happy you are together.

37. Remind them of the things you love about them.

38. Respect each other, your family and friends.

39. Be the greatest fan of your partner.

40. Give the love your partner wants to receive.

41. Give yourself the love you want to receive.

42. Shows interest in what the other does.

43. Work together on a project.

44. Give a romantic getaway.

45. Take a look at the stars together with a glass of wine and a blanket.

46. Make a picnic indoors on a rainy day.

47. Never go to bed angry.

48. Sign cards from both of you, with love and best wishes.

49. Give always a goodnight kiss.

50. Sleep close together.