Getting Women to Like You

Now that we have determined what type of woman that you like and you know where to go to get her, it’s time to put the moves on. Ok, «moves» only work on movies. Instead, we will discuss some real and effective ways to get women to notice and even like you enough to give you their number and return your phone calls.
1. Be Confident: Confidence is key with women. Cocky is even kind of nice. Conceit, will get you ignored. Some good examples of properly striking this balance are Bruce Willis or Denzel Washington. They have a certain swagger that women find attractive. Women like men that can control a situation, but who don’t try to control them. Men like Joey Buttafuco or David Hasselhoff are not the kind of men that make women swoon. They come across as conceited and for no good reason.
2. Be Sincere: Women respond to men who are sincere. Now, this doesn’t mean sappy. Women dislike sappy with a passion. Instead, sincerity is an appropriate sense of openness and honesty. It shows that you are comfortable enough with who you are, that you don’t have to try not to mask the real you with niceties or bluster. Besides, a woman likes a guy who is true to his word. Faking being respectful, thoughtful or kind is a big turnoff.
3. Forget the Lines: Ok, unless you are a sixteen year old boy, lines simply don’t work. They come across as insincere and fake. Women will also assume that you are a flirt or worst yet, a player. Now, if you don’t care about the quality of woman that you attract, go crazy with the lines. But if you want a lady with a good head on her shoulders, ditch the lines. Now if you and a girl have gotten past the niceties and are having a good, fun conversation you can throw a line or two in there as jest. But only to keep the laughs going. Let her know that you are just kidding around.
4. Deal with Rejection: If you are going to come on to women, you have to get comfortable with rejection. And while you will never learn to enjoy it, you must learn to deal with it. I know that this is cliché, but try not to take it personable. Just view it as her knocking herself out of the running to make room for the right person. However, the only way that you can get to this point is if you are confident in yourself. Make a quick inventory of your strengths and repeat them to yourself before you approach a woman and especially after she rejects you. Don’t dwell on it. Move on to the next woman.
5. Be Sure: Now nothing is more unattractive to a woman then for her to see you trying to flirt with every woman in the room. So take your time, before you decide to pounce. Be sure that the particular woman that you have your eye on is the one that you want to go after. If women see you going from female to female, constantly getting rejected, she will definitely not bother giving you the time of day.
6. Stay Focused: Once you have started dating a woman, stay focused. Unless you both have an agreement to see other people, don’t assume that either she won’t find out, or that she won’t care. Most women do care. There is nothing worst, then getting busted trying to juggle 2 or more women. Now, you don’t have to ask her to marry you after 2 weeks, but try to stay focused on one woman at a time. Women find commitment attractive. This is why so many women hit on married men or men in relationships.
7. Don’t Show you’re Hand Too Fast: Once you have her interested in you, don’t show your hand too fast. This means no «I love you,» during the first couple of weeks, or asking her to marry you. You also shouldn’t try to monopolize her time or to suddenly become controlling. This is a major turnoff and a quick way to get your phone calls ignored.
8. Don’t Be So Serious: Women love a guy with a sense of humour. Now, don’t confuse having a sense of humour with being irresponsible. But be able to be self-deprecating, and to laugh at yourself or make light of a situation. Few things are more attractive then a guy that can laugh and that can make her laugh. Being able to generate a good belly laugh will allow you to trump a guy who may be better looking, have a better job, or make more money. Just as food as the way to a guy’s heart, laughter, in many cases, is the way to a woman’s heart.

Meeting women is only part of the equation. One you have met them, you have to convince them that you are worth keeping around. You can accomplish this by being confident, being sincere, having a sense of humour, staying focused and taking your time. Also, forget about the «lines.» A simple compliment or relevant conversation will be much more effective. If you follow these simple guidelines you will find that women are much more receptive to you and much more willing to allow you stick around. If you keep it up, there is no telling just how far things might go.