How Often Should You Text a Woman You Like?

Texting frequency is one of those things that is naturally going to bring up a lot of questions.
How often should I text her?
How do I know when I am sending too many text messages and how to I know if I am not sending her enough text messages?
Am I boring her with my text messages?
These are all things that you are going to wonder about from time to time.  The thing with texting a woman you like is,  there really are no hard and fast rules that you have to abide by.  Every woman you meet is going to be a little bit different.
Some women love texting all of the time.
Some don’t.
As a general rule,  though,  I find that quite often,  not texting enough is NOT the problem.  If there ever is a problem with texting – it’s that guys send too many texts to women that they like and a lot of the time – that does end up being kind of an issue.
Because too many texts suggests that you are either:
a) Coming on too strong
b) Sending the signal that you don’t have a life
c)  Starting to annoy her

You don’t want to do ANY of the above.  You don’t want to come on too strong by texting too often and you don’t want to send the signal that you don’t have a life.  If anything,  texting should be done pretty lightly.

Think of it more of being just one way to get in touch with her,  not the only way.  The phone conversation is still an easier way to build up attraction with a woman.  Meeting up with her in person is still an easier and better way of building up attraction.
It’s quite common to hear a woman complain about getting too many texts from a guy she has just met.  And when she does make that kind of a complain,  it usually means that with each text message – that guy is slowly losing any chance that he has with her.
A couple of times a week at most is usually the sweet spot.  And it is generally better to use texting as just a way to get a chance to speak to her in person or meet up somewhere.
So,  yeah,  there are no hard and fast rules – but go for MINIMAL most of the time.