Personal lubricants, a necessity in the world of great sex

Lubricants are primarily used in things such as bikes and machines. Typically, they are used to facilitate smooth movements of the parts to prevent early wear and tear of the same. Personal lubricants, on the other hand, are made using different ingredients, but the concept is nevertheless the same. They are generally used during masturbation or intercourse to make the process easier and more charming. At times, they are applied to sex toys and condoms to provide easy penetration. A lot of people are nowadays open to the excellent idea of using lubricants to make their sexual experience more enticing and memorable.
Is personal lubrication my thing?
This is a commonly asked question. The truth of the matter is, anyone can actually make use of lubricants during intercourse. Irrespective of the fact that you have always enjoyed sex with your partner, the use of these useful ointments can go a long way in enhancing your sexual escapades. There is always the desire to make sex spicier with the progression of time. This is one of the surest ways of making your sexual relationship stronger and stronger each day. Individuals who have used lubricants have attested a considerable improvement in their sex life compared to before.
Things can get really boring in the bedroom at some point. You and your partner may consider applying different sexual styles and positions. This is one of those times when a personal lubricant comes extremely handy. More often than not, great sex is about going an extra mile and involving a lot of creativity. What a better way than the use of the right personal lubricant? When you’re in the throes of passion, the last thing you want is to experience difficulty as you thrust your manhood in and out of her vagina. As a woman, you wouldn’t also want the same thing to happen- it kills the passion.
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Frankly speaking, a personal lubricant has a significant impact on your sexual experience. If you cannot have sex for a long time due to vaginal dryness, this is precisely what you need. If you have been through the sexual struggles that come with vaginal dryness, you already know how disappointing it can become. This agony can easily be avoided with the help of a personal lubricant.
Different types of lubricants on the market today
With the advancement of technology, various types of lubricants have been made available. They include:
Water-Based Lubricants
Most lubricants available today are water-based, which is something to be thankful for. Experts recommend this type to individuals whose skin is delicate. They are considered to be of the highest quality. Nevertheless, it is important to purchase from a reputable manufacturer or seller. Find out what are the best water based lube on the market.
Oil-Based Lubricants
Oil based lubricants are known to offer great lubrication with a less sleek feel. Be that as may, it is also advisable to be careful about the brand of oil based lubricants you purchase. Specifically, they are capable of tearing latex condoms. According to experts, this type of lubricant should be used designed to be used by men, and not on the vagina.
Warming Lubricants 
You’ve presumably seen magazine or TV advertisements for oil items that guarantee to provide a warming sensation amid sex. Warming lubricants can help to add sensation during sex, especially when applied on the condom. Remember to utilize it sparingly. Excessive amount of warming lubricants is unsafe for the majority of women – especially the ones with sensitive skin.
Other types of personal lubricants available in the market include silicone based, natural lubricants and even homemade ones.
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