Using Astral Projection To Improve Your Relationship

How many people have you met that told you that they had experienced deja vu , the sensation that they had been to a certain place or met a certain person before but yet they have no conscious memory of it? Some people will be reluctant to talk about it while others feel very comfortable with the subject because they believe in astral projection, an out of body experience.

Dan and Sue met through a cyber website, and unintentionally fell in love with each other. It seemed to be a hopeless idea since they were both married, happily so even, and they even lived in separate countries. Sue’s day was Dan’s night. Yet, the mutual attraction was so strong that they could not turn away from each other.

The chances of meeting in reality were virtually zero, but their feelings were so intense for each other that they soon found that they began to astral project in their sleep in order to be together. They were able through astral projection to get to know each other even to have an intimate relationship with each other. Dan and Sue experienced astral sexual encounters with each other which they both confirmed during what brief hours that they were both awake, when they would chat with each other through the Internet.

It awed them both of the minute details they knew of each other’s looks, spoken thoughts, their homes and various details of their lives that they had not shared in their chat sessions. The intimate relationship lasted for a few years, with neither feeling any real guilt of cheating on their spouses, until finally the stark reality that they could never meet or be together in real time made them end the intimacy that astral projection had provided for them but their loving friendship remains to this day.

Sandy, a very young widow, was able through astral projection to spend time with her late husband. It helped her accept his untimely death as her experience with him on the astral plane gave her the same sense of peace, love and security she had felt with him in real life before his passing. This astral connection assured her that she would be with him when her demise came and with that comforting knowledge, she was able to go on to a new reality relationship and marry once again without feeling guilty of betraying the love for her first husband.

Astral projection, like many other things has not been scientifically proven, but for those who have experienced it is a very real fact!