Why Free Love Spells Often Fail

Everyone always asks us where they can get hold of a free love spell that actually works. We have some free love spells here at Love Spells Magazine, and they work – to a point. You might notice that each of our spells starts with a disclaimer that says that professionally prepared spells will give better, quicker results. There’s a good reason for that.

To understand why, you need to understand why love spells work in the first place. A love spell works with the universe (through universal energies, or “spirits” if you prefer) to bind you and the person you desire together in love. For any kind of spell to work, the universe needs desire, belief, and commitment from the person requesting the spell.

Desire is easy, most people using spells have that, otherwise they wouldn’t be using a spell. Belief is a tricky one. In my dealings with spell customers, I often see that people want to believe, but sometimes they have a hard time actually believing. So the first way that a professional spell works better than a free one is that it’s easier to believe in. It’s basic human psychology, we have more confidence in stuff that we have to buy than stuff that’s free.

The we come to commitment. This is the biggest factor in making a spell work. The universe needs strong commitment, otherwise we would always end up getting anything and everything we ever had a fleeting desire for! When people use free spells, two things happen. First, the fact that they are using something free effectively says to the universe “My level of commitment is not very high, I am not ready to invest money in my desire.”

The second thing that happens is because confidence in a free spell is usually low, the commitment is inherently low. When there are no immediate results, the person requesting the spell often just gives up.
Neither of these issues occur with paid spells. A financial investment along with the emotional one shows the universe that you are serious about making this work. And because you are paying for the spell, you are more likely to stick with it when the going gets tough – and it will get tough because most spells take some time to work.

It’s always tempting to try and get something for nothing. But free love spells are usually a false economy. If you truly desire the outcome of the spell, a small investment is well worth it.