How To Flirt

Flirting communicates sexuality without being overtly sexual. Communicating this sexuality communicates fun, helps keep you out of the friend zone, and makes women smile – which are all great.

Flirting is easy and you get better by doing it – you can safely flirt with most women regardless of your level of interest. Trust me, if you flirt with pretty much all women then flirting with the ones you are very interested in is natural and easy!
Most Women are Bored: Flirting Brings Fun & Happiness Into Their Lives!

Flirting indicates a fun guy, and girls of all ages want to have fun. It says «I’m having fun with you, I like you, I like playing with you, welcome to my happy world.» Yes, it says all these things.

When you flirt, what you say doesn’t matter that much. Energy is more important than content, and you definitely want a little more energy than her. In general, you match her energy level plus a little. Often you can increase that energy level quickly as you flirt. Younger women usually require higher energy levels.

Quick and Easy Flirtation Techniques

There are sooo many simple flirtation techniques. Here are a few. Use the ones you are most comfortable with initially then branch out.
Assigning Roles or Nicknames
Often I’ll tell younger women «You’d make a great bratty younger sister!»

I renamed a «Susan» who kept correcting people who called her «Sue» to «Sue Sue.» It was so silly she couldn’t get mad. I also started calling a «Nicole» «Nicoletta» instead insisting it was a much more appropriate name.
Pretending You Already Have a Serious Connection

At a party recently, I was just introduced to a woman and then started introducing her to other people as my wife. When she tried to interject some truth, I changed it to «next ex wife.» Everyone had fun. I’ll often introduce women I barely know as my girlfriend, or niece, or longtime friend.
Exaggerating Something They Say or Do

«Watch your step, I just washed the floor» said the cute redhead at the coffee shop. I put on a stupid smile, and took large animated steps while watching my feet, cartoon style, She burst out laughing.
Silly Ridiculous Comparisons

«Wow, it’s great talking to you – you’ve made my entire decade!» is a good example. You are obviously being silly and having fun. Another example is «You are the nicest person I’ve met in the last 30 seconds! I’m psyched!»
There are plenty of other ways to flirt. One of my favorites, courtesy of Adam Gilad, is when a women says something I can relate too (like she likes wine, cats, or really anything), to say «Really? Suddenly I like you a whole lot more!»

I flirt with most women. I was just flirting with the grandmotherly waitress in the hotel restaurant in Ottawa, Canada earlier tonight. I not only got bigger glasses of wine, but I’ll guarantee some of the other women in the restaurant noticed my flirting and thought «What a fun and sexual guy.»
Sometimes women are in no mood to flirt, and that is no reflection on you. You MUST have the attitude that you are flirting to have fun, and if she doesn’t play along that’s not your problem. Hey, maybe her dog just died or she has terrible debilitating diarrhea. You are trying to bring her into your fun, and most, but not all, women will come along.