Lavalife Review

Lavalife has been connecting singles through their personals service for over 25 years, 10 of which have been in online dating. They have the experience and insight into what features, services and tools, singles need to connect. A few of these tools include voice, web and mobile matchmaking. Given their experience in the industry it is not a bad move to put your love-life in their hands.
Each day, thousands of local singles sign in and find love at Lavalife. com, to go with the millions of members that have already joined. 15 million members to be more exact primarily located in the USA, Canada, and Australia.

Lavalife Offers

Lavalife has an excellent list of services you can use for free. Free online dating at Lavalife means it’s free to join, free to search, free to reply, and free to flirt with their send a smile feature. This is truly a comprehensive list of features you receive without ever becoming a paid member; because you get a great feel for the website for no money down, Lavalife is definitely worth a shot.

Lavalife is a unique online dating site for singles because it offers 3 distinct communities to help you find the relationship you are looking for. Whether it’s dating, relationships, or intimate encounters, you will find it at Lavalife. You can join all three communities or only the ones that are right for you. They also offer gay and lesbian (LGBT) dating through Manline and Womanline, bisexual dating, and heterosexual dating. Seniors and mature singles aren’t left out either, in fact with Lavalife’s lavalifePRIME. com website, active singles 45 years or older get their own online dating environment.

Lavalife’s newest feature is also creating quite a buzz and for good reason. This is one of the few websites that offer online Speed Dating. This fun feature runs every night for local singles in your area, however this service is not free.

The ability to search for singles on Lavalife is excellent and you can search for singles that match your personal tastes, ideals, and preferences. For example their robust search engine allows you to filter your searches by region, city, height, age, or languages spoken. You read right! Even by height! How’s that for finding your type? Did we mention you get to do this for FREE?

The other interesting feature we found is that you can see the last time a member has updated their profile and the time of their last sign in. This makes it extremely useful to weed out inactive profiles.

Lavalife prides itself on its outstanding customer service, they have staff available to help you and answer your questions 24/7. They also pride themselves on their commitment to your privacy and claim to have the strongest privacy rules for any online dating site around.
The one downside is that free members are not able to initiate conversations, otherwise there are no other major complaints about Lavalife.

Site Features:

No more wasting time looking at outdated profiles. A common problem with online dating profiles is outdated profiles. Where other dating websites leave their old and inactive profiles up without any indication as to their activity Lavalife solves this problem. You can easily see when someone’s profile has been last updated and when the last time they signed on was.

Multiple ways to interact with singles. Whether you have a web browser or a mobile phone you can connect with singles anytime, anywhere. Features such as email, chat, instant messaging with video, and who’s viewed me, help speed up and streamline the internet courtship process.
Three distinct communities to find like-minded singles. Ever been on a date where you were interested in starting a long-term relationship when the other person was more interested in a casual encounter? Well with Lavalife’s communities feature you will never have to face this problem. You can join one or more communities choosing from Dating, Relationship or Intimate Encounter. Each community has its own content and search functions. Lavalife really puts the FUN in FUNctions! Sorry we couldn’t help ourselves.

Outstanding search and filtering.  Lavalife find me my 6»2’, 25-year-old muscular man who speaks Portuguese and lives in New York. Yes really! With Lavalife’s search functions you can narrow down your searches by region, city, height, age, or languages spoken.
Online speed dating.  Every night you have an opportunity to go out on a several short dates from the comfort of your living room. Just please remember to put your pants on.

lavalifePRIME for singles 45+. Perhaps you will feel more comfortable being around a more mature crowd. With this service from Lavalife singles over 45 can look for love in their own community.
Does Lavalife offer a Free Trial?
Yes. It’s not really a trial, rather a free membership. This memebership allows you to join, search, reply to messages, and flirt with the Send-a-smile feature. You have to become a paid member to initiate conversations. You can also get a 7 day unlimited free trial here.
Cost per month:
$29. 99/month for 1 month
*$18. 99/month for 3 months $57. 97 total
$14. 99/month for 6 months $89. 94 total (BEST VALUE) 50% OFF 1 month membership price


Great search features, lots of members, lots of communities, lots of features, great value


Free members cannot initiate conversations, lots of advertising for other Lavalife services
Main Value Feature:
Unlike other dating websites, the free membership actually lets you communicate with other members.
Bottom Line:
Given the amount of freedom that free memberships get, it’s definitely worth a try. From our experience Lavalife delivers great features and great value and is worth the money. So we say give it a shot for free and if you like what you see get a full memebership.
Save $33 off a 3-month memberhip