Take A Chance Dating First Date Tips For Women

Date with that cute looking guy confirmed. Check. Butterflies in the stomach. Check. The emergency call set up with your girlfriend. Check. It always seems like women need a go-to guide to help them prepare for what they hope will be the perfect date. Truth is, your first date should be simple, not complicated.

Get ready.

Sometimes a first date can feel like a job interview and it may be a good thing, if what you want to do is leave a good first impression. However, this may be a chance to move away from the job interview format and find someone who is interested in you for who you are, not for what you can do for them. The idea is to have fun and leave your job behind you. Your date may be interested in what you do but not how you do it and all the challenges you face with Mary’s gossip from HR and the tea lady always bringing you coffee with too much sugar and how that ruins your figure. You want to think of what you would like to know about him and act interested. For the most part the toughest part is getting over the glances over your bodies and exchanging of pleasantries. As soon as you’re settled in wherever you wanted to go, you can relax.

You speak with your body.

Pay attention to your body language. It can be a dead giveaway to your date to whether you are enjoying yourself or not. Try and give him full marks before you start the date instead of having him work his way up, because if you’re judging him before you even started the date, it will show. Arms crossed and a lack of eye contact is indications that you are not interested and your date will wonder why he came out in the first place. That is negative body language.

Use positive body language all the time by flirting with him in various ways, like; flicking your hair, exposing your neckline, playing with your necklace right above your cleavage etc. It will make him understand you are interested and feel more comfortable, which will help you both enjoy your date more. If you’re struggling to breathe from slight anxiety, try taking deep breaths between sentences. Not too loud of course.

Be natural.

Try not to show you are nervous if you are. Remember that the first date is an indication of what can be expected in future dates. Be honest with your date and with yourself, acting like you will want to in the future. Remember that all will be revealed sometime in the future, so have an honest start

Keep it light.

For now, at least until you know each other better, don’t discuss bad experiences, family problems, politics or religion. These things may create an offensive vibe in your conversation and stifle what may have been a great date. And under no circumstances should you discuss previous boyfriends. The first date is a ‘get-to-know-each-other’ get-together and is designed to see if you like each other. From the first date you can both decide if you would like to go on another one. Keep away from negative things and stay a positive course.

These seem very simple but no woman really wants a check list of to-do’s before she goes out. The plan is to relax, be excited on the prospect and have fun being out with someone new and interesting.