The Key to a Successful Wedding is Being Organized and Planning Ahead of Time

This summer there will be several blushing brides walking down the aisle to marry the man that they love. Wedding planning and weddings in general have become big business today. No longer are the days where the bride and groom just had a simple reception with their family and close friends and planned the whole thing themselves as well as did many of the preparations themselves also. Many couples hire a wedding planner to guide them through all of the stepsneeded. If, however you do not want to spend the money for a wedding planner this article will go through the stepsneeded to planning a traditional wedding with the reception afterwards. It willtouch on when to get your dress, how to find a location, researching a Houston wedding photographer or Austin photographer, testing cakes and food for the reception and otheritems.

Deciding whattype of wedding you would both like is the first thing to do. Planning for a small, largebig, outside garden wedding, formal evening reception in a grand ballroom are all options to ponder. If you are a member of a church that you want to be married in then you should find the staff to find a date that is available for your wedding. Once the date is decided], you can then get the perfect reception site for your wedding and having your chosen date available also. Most couples are engaged for 9 months- over a year planning their wedding. Most larger venues that are used tohaving wedding receptions will guide you through all of thelogistics like food samplings and beverage choices as well as options to set up the area and decorate to your taste. Finding a good florist is key to a beautiful ceremony and reception. Often it is the flowers that set thetone so find one that you respect and is within your budget at the same time frame as you find the reception site, up to a year in advance.

Many couples choose to announce their engagement in the local newspaper. This may be a smart time to find the best photographer for your wedding. You can test them out with engagement pictures to see if they would be a goodfit for your wedding. This also, should be planned as far in advance as possible as the best ones book up early.

Searching for a wedding dress is a fun thing for the bride to do. This should be done at about 6 months ahead of the wedding so alterations can be done leading up to the big day. Bridal gowns range greatly in price and can even be rented if you choose not to buy one.
If you plan on having several out of town guests you need to send them a “save the date” card several monthsin advance followed by a formal invitation 6-8 weeks before the wedding. The more plans you can get done ahead of time the less stressful it will be.