Creating a sexual situation

Creating the right setting for sex is one of the most important things to get a woman. Even the most liberated girl can be distracted if your brother, friend or grandmother is sleeping in the next room. The same is with your socks scattered throughout the room.

Setting the right situation for sex

When trying to make sex with a girl, condoms, lubricants, towels or napkins – everything should be close at hand, so you do waste time at the crucial moment. And, of course, the mood of both your partner and your own is important. If you are tired, or just quarreling because of something – it takes time to switch and watch Free Porn HQ. And girls, as we know, remember the offense longer than men. You can already think about sex, and she is still angry that you’re late for dinner.

Let her be dominant. It is not always necessary to be a leading partner to help a girl to relax. Try to be led. Offer her to do whatever she wants with you. Who knows what the hell is behind her eyes? Say her compliments. Girls “love with their ears” – this is a fact. Compliments help a girl to feel more confident in herself. Perhaps she is not very happy with her body – let her know that you like her and you want her anyway. Or vice versa, she already knows that she has a beautiful figure, seductive hips, etc., but keep reminding hear about it.